CGI 3D Animated Short Film 'Ruins' - by Daniel Ueno

CGI 3D Animated Short Film 'Ruins' - by Daniel Ueno

Ruins is a Brazilian computer-animated short film made by Daniel Ueno. It is about a young adventurer who accidentally discovers some ancient ruins and ends up cornered by something threatening.

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A young adventurer discovered some ancient ruins after falling down to the ruins while hiking. He looked around through the ruins until he stumbled upon on a monster with 10 eyes in the shadows. Terrified, the adventurer walked very slowly away from the monster and he saw a sword stabbed in one of the ruins' walls. He then tries to get the sword out so he can kill the monster and so he did.

As the adventurer was about to ready to attack the monster. The wall that the sword was stabbed into fell right to the adventurer, presumably injuring him. Then after that, it is revealed that the monster in the shadows is actually a group of 10 small, cute one-eyed monsters. These little creatures lifted the wall back up to its place and one of them puts the sword away to its place while some of them dragged the adventurer's body to the shadows.[1]

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The protagonist of the short film, known as Adventurer, appeared in Computeropolis: The Deep Web as one of the unpopular characters in the deep web.

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